Brian Baker

I am a Firefighter for the Denver Fire Department. I have been involved in athletics all through high school and have been competing in various activities my adult life. I was introduced to CrossFit while training for the Firefighter Combat Challenge. I wanted a better way to train which would make me more competitive and better suited to perform my job. CrossFit was that answer. I saw immediate results and loved the competitive nature of the WOD’s and also the variety. That is when I decided I wanted to share this with others. I have been a Certified CrossFit Level one Trainer since Feb 2011. I love training at FarmBoy CrossFit.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach (2011,2015)

CrossFit Level 2 Coach (2016)

CrossFit Kids Coach (2013)

Strength Specific Seminar Cert (2013)

Michelle Baker

I am the Head Trainer/Manager at FarmBoy. I have always been involved in athletics since I was a child. I grew up mostly involved in High school and Club volleyball. I came to CrossFit for a lot of the reasons many people do. I wanted to get into the best shape I could by pushing my limits in an exciting way with variety and intensity. I wasn’t one that enjoyed going to the gym using old techniques. I found that I became bored and hit plateaus. I was looking for more! Brian and I became heavily involved in CrossFit at that time. I have been a CrossFit trainer since 2011. That is when we started training friends. I was hooked! I love training folks, helping them strive to reach their goals, and help change their lives. I couldn’t be happier. I love the Friends we make at FarmBoy and how we have been able to be involved in our small community.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach (2012)

CrossFit Level 2 Coach (2016)