About Us

FarmBoy CrossFit is The #1 choice for “Forging Elite Fitness” in Morgan County.  FarmBoy CrossFit was started in 2011 by Brian and Michelle Baker. We started in CrossFit for many of the same reasons that bring clients into the gym and to this webpage…We were bored and tired with the same old, same old’ routine people get stuck in at Big Box Gyms and we were seeking something that was fun and could get you into the best shape of your life. CrossFit was the change we needed. We started training ourselves in our “Old Dairy Milking shed” on our family farm.  That was the start of what has now become known as FarmBoy CrossFit. That “Old shed” had become a well equipped fully functioning CrossFit Gym.   We started out training 2 people every day and have now blossomed into 80+ memberships. We moved out of the shed and now have a 3,600 square foot facility in the Town of Wiggins.  All our people seeking the same things we did when we started.  They all want to get in to great general physical shape, have fun in a group setting and meet new people.

Community – FarmBoy is known for its family feel and community involvement. Come in to the gym at anytime and you will see enthusiastic members rooting and cheering each other on for a PR on a lift or workout. You will also see people coming early or hanging out late to chat with each other. Whether you have been coming for a year, or this is your fist experience with CrossFit you will be accepted and brought into the group and cheered on just the same. Our people are #1 top notch people. We couldn’t do this without them. Go to any local 5k races and you will most likely see one of our friendly, smiling members sporting a FarmBoy CrossFit shirt.

A Different way to work out – CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at high intensity.  We specialize in not specializing. This means General Physical Preparedness. In so many words we try to get in the best shape possible by training any modality you can think of. Whether it is Gymnastics, running, rowing, Olympic lifting, jumping, squatting, carrying odd objects, using barbells or Tractor tires. We have it all here at FarmBoy.  Every Workout or WOD (workout of the day) is designed to test your ability against a clock or against a workload.  All the while, designed to push your limits. It is a fun way to work out and you compete solely vs. past personal records or the clock.

Scalability–  Every Workout or lift we do at FarmBoy is totally scalable for anyone. Each movement and load will be changed and tweaked for each individual so that everyone can have success and begin to see results right away.  With every workout being scalable you may have a college athlete working right alongside a Grandmother who hasn’t worked out for 20 years. Both being able to have success and being able to reach closer to their goals. That is true also for individuals with past injuries. CrossFit is an excellent way to rehabilitate injuries and strengthen our bodies in a way that is safe and fun but yet still competitive if that is what you seek. You have nothing to lose! Call or come in to set up a FUNdamentals class and then your first group class is on us.  What do you have to lose? Just body fat!